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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make a wish

A few shots of Bel at cake time yesterday.
More party pics to come when I'm not so tired, I'm all birthday'd out!
Hope all your wishes come true baby.

*images by my friend Kristy

A Reminder

Today was Isabella's actual birthday.

She hosted her party yesterday for her friends but today was the DAY.

At some stage she decided to make this sign & put it out for us to find.This is what I found this morning when I woke up

Just in case it happened to slip our minds ... just in case we happened to forget.
We piled into her room & woke her up with a round of good ol 'happy birthday'.
We didn't forget, could never forget & will never forget anything about you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Too cute to eat

For the past hour I have been preparing tiny teddies in cars . Tiny teddies in cars that will be gobbled up in ten seconds flat by a class of seven year olds. Isabella so desperately wanted these to take to school to celebrate her upcoming birthday on the 28th.

My baby turns 2

Happy birthday Maggie aka Maggie Moo (term of endearment bestowed upon her by Trev & our dear friends Amy & Paul), Maggels, Tuttz & Sweetie ( all created by Isabella).
The time has passed so quickly yet it feels like you've been here forever.You fill our lives with love, laughter (lots & lots of laughter) and happiness. We love you funny girl.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet my girls...

Ohhh,how I love these two!
That's my blue eyed girl Isabella on the left and my brown eyed girl Maggie on the right. Isabella is constantly creating and drawing. Maggie is very energetic, loud and mischevious. In her mind she is seven years old like Isabella and can do whatever her big sister can.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Who's that girl?

This is my beautiful sixteen year old niece Monique.Taken one morning late last year. I visited their household, camera in tow, hoping one of them would succumb to my pleas to let me practice photographing them. Monique, who had not long gotten out of bed, agreed. I was so excited. I hoped the camera would capture her essence, her dark eyes and perfect lips . And it did. Ain't she gorgeous?