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About Me

I'm Toni, this is where I like to write about the going-on's in my life and to show some of my photography. I'm a mother to two enchanting and wonderfully spirited girls- Isabella and Maggie. When I'm not obsessively cleaning or tending to my offspring, I teach teach myself photography. I spend way too much time online, playing with my camera and annoying my family with my unending pursuit of the perfect shot. I like people who are genuine and real. I need chocolate...daily. I  love Summer and wish that I could hibernate through Winter. I've tried all my adult life to do sarcasm and still can't do it. I wish that I wasn't so afraid of sharks so that I could learn to surf. I love the colours red and turquoise...  and I'm a Pisces.
Some things that feed my soul are ... lazing on the beach and swimming in the ocean ... getting a 'money shot' of my kids... catching up with good friends... my girls climbing all over me, planting kisses on my face ... eating out ... reading before bedtime, a stash of chocolate by my side (I've woken up many times with a chocolate freckle melted to my face after nodding off)... a visit from my sister from overseas ...   sunshine ... hanging out in my PJ's ... sitting with my partner on the back steps under the moon ... and a damn good belly laugh.
Thanks so much for visiting!

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