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Monday, September 6, 2010

swimsuits and giggles

We are a happier household  now the warmer weather is here. It seems we went to sleep on the last night of Winter and woke up to  Spring delivering  her  glorious sunshine right on cue! On Friday after school Isabella went and got dressed in her swimmers and of course Maggie had to follow suit! We have no pool (like I said, the sunshine is making us all a tad high), they were just out in the backyard so I  ran inside to grab the camera . I recently read somewhere that a photograph  need not be' technically'  perfect, as long as it makes you  'feel' (or something along those lines). So I think this sums up these shots of  my ratbags, I missed focus at times but hell they sure do  make me 'feel'.

I asked Isabella to stop jumping on the trampoline to give me a lil' something ... then  Maggie had to have her moment too! Mmmm, does the word 'copycat' come to mind here?