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Friday, May 28, 2010


Ahh, my Pisces girl, so at home in a body of water. Just came across this one I had saved away from a few weeks ago on a day trip to Tallubudgera. I thought I'd break out a little and process it to be quite a contrasty black and white - something different for me. I like how it added some drama and moodiness.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paniyiri fun with my girls

What to do on an overcast Sunday afternoon? Get amongst it at the Greek festival! We had a fantastic time, so much going on it really was like an Ekka for grown ups.
Apologies in advance for the Maggie overdose.x

Yep, I know the focus is not great but gosh I love her having fun.

This one will be going on my wall...maybe in black & white?

Taken from the viewpoint of being attached to those legs.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Slide & Ride

I have to share these images from Sunday when we were at the Paniyiri Greek festival. Every time I see them I can't help but laugh so hard at how Maggie's expression stays frozen on her face the whole time! I wonder if Selina's expression was from fear of losing Maggie out of her arms or if she was scared too? I feel terrible for laughing but come on, it's just so funny isn't it.

Saturday/West End/ Selina

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wee little Lucy

This precious little bundle is just seven days old and has everyone in love with her already. Our dear friends Amy and Paul will be bringing her to visit tomorrow so I hope to capture some more of this little beauty. She'll be the first newborn I'll have ever taken a photo of! So exciting and so scary at the same time!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


to loosen and let fall in disarray.

Yes, dishevelled is how my big girl looks when the school day is done. Has she had a good day there? I think so.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Close to my heart

are these pictures of Maggie and my sister Selina. Taken on a lazy Saturday afternoon at New Farm park. They're special to me because they are a reminder of Selina's incredible love for my girls. I have not edited these - I want to keep them true to the moments to be reminded of the emotion and warmth of that afternoon. She'll be here soon for another visit and the girls will be showered with her undivided attention and get into all sorts of creative mischief.

The award goes to...

Maggie Brown!

Yesterday afternoon Trev and I were requested to attend a mock assembly in the back yard held by Principal Isabella. She awarded Maggie a student of the week award for 'collecting the most stickers on her page' (all pre prepared by Isabella herself for this grand occasion) and I also heard 'and for being a good witch' thrown in there too. A comment she later denied when asked about it. She has this thing at the moment where she plays with Maggie and gets her to be either a good witch or a bad witch, she tries to be discreet about it and thinks I don't know.

The award itself.

Maggie was simply chuffed to recieve such an award at two years of age. Those stickers lasted two minutes on the page before she peeled them off to stick all over her hand.

And because Bel was still revelling in her 'post authoritarian' state she willingly let me take her photo. These two below were processed to have an 'urban' look.

I love to engage her in conversation while shooting to capture her thinking expressions. Below pics are straight out of camera, shot in manual (yaaaee!) at f2.0 for shallow depth of field -means focus intentionally falls away from her her features =]

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A new arrival

Meet Cody, he's a Spoodle and he's Isabella's Nana and Papa's new puppy. Yesterday we got to spend some time getting to know/ spoil him. There was lots of snuggling, kissing and falling in love. Isn't he just adorable, he even smells good too!
While taking his photo I learnt that he is quite fond of:
chewing on camera straps
jumping up and tugging on loose strands of hair (and ones that are safely tucked back into pony tails aswell)
a good arm hump
He's very charming and we can't wait to get our dose of cuddles again.

Always be on the lookout for the cute.
But you have to look closely, because
although sometimes cute is very big,
other times it is very, very small.
-Beverly West

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the basket wars

It all starts innocently enough...

Until the basket falls over and one realises it's fun to still be in the basket and the other wants her out to have it all to herself.

Maggie tries everything she can to get in.

And resorts to some kind of kicking manoeuvre to get her way.

I think this is the part where I'm called on to intervene.
I sort them out, turn my back and straight away they're back at it. Maggie watching to measure the pain factor of the pinch she's inflicting.

Looking a little weary.
Ahahh, victory is mine!

All's well that ends with a good poke.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Some random ones

Just been having a play with some old ones for fun.

Processed with Sheye Rosemeyer's 'Velveteen' action -for you Kris ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summertime fun - Kingscliff beach

I've been posting tonight while watching the Logies. How amazing was K.D Lang's 'Hallelujah'. It's a song that takes me to a different place whenever I hear it. But K.D's version was really something, really moving. I was very aware of my heart pumping, of the rythym of my breath, so completely in the moment. So completely immensed in her song. Did anyone else notice that she was bare foot? Love it.