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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I've returned to the world of  blogging! Oh my little blog I have missed you so! You may have noticed the lack of blog action here for the past 4 weeks (come on Kris & Katie, it hasn't been that bad...has it?) and without a word as to why the disappearance either!  Well, I was immersed in my first ever photography workshop and it was amazing.  While I had high hopes of continuing to blog during those 4 weeks I just didn't get there. Every minute of the past month was eat, sleep & breathe shutter speeds and assignments and because I don't like to do things half arsed I completely threw myself into it leaving no time for much else. I'm a little rusty on the blog entries tonight (I must get my mojo back, this being rusty will not do) so I'll just leave you with a photo that I submitted for the course in which we had to use window light. Hopefully it'll knock your socks off enough to make up for me being MIA ;) Our  fabulous teacher converted it to B&W for me and I am very much in love with it.


  1. This is truly a great picture. I love her face expression. B&W made it more dramatic. By the way I love all your photos. There is something magical about them.

  2. Monika! So happy to have you here. Yhanks for your sweet words x

  3. mmm cosy and dramatic! This is a face of Bella I don't think I've seen in your work before. Lovely light x