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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ready to roll

I snapped these before Isabella left to dance her little booty off at the school disco on the Friday. It's been quite a while since I've taken photos of her, each time I do I'm always shocked at how the lens portrays the reality of what I'm in denial about in my head, the reality of her growing up! She'll turn eight in February, that makes her almost a 'tween' if you listen to media labels. It's a special age to witness - all dangly long legs and big adult teeth filling in amongst  baby ones and that growing sense of humour. She  chose this song to go with this post, those of you familiar with the Nickelodeon channel will recognise it - it's very tween!


  1. The sweetest little rocker.......i've seen! Love the roller Toni it makes it look very edgy and cool!
    The hat, the shirt, the skinny jeans and those eyes.......
    all i can say is u better look out Ton she is gonna break some hearts sooner than you realize!
    Beautiful editing as always xoxoxo

  2. She looks amazing. I love her outfit and that hat is awesome!!!! Her eye's color is amazing. Toni perfect background. Great composition and perfect lighting. As usual B&W is perfection!!!