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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The award goes to...

Maggie Brown!

Yesterday afternoon Trev and I were requested to attend a mock assembly in the back yard held by Principal Isabella. She awarded Maggie a student of the week award for 'collecting the most stickers on her page' (all pre prepared by Isabella herself for this grand occasion) and I also heard 'and for being a good witch' thrown in there too. A comment she later denied when asked about it. She has this thing at the moment where she plays with Maggie and gets her to be either a good witch or a bad witch, she tries to be discreet about it and thinks I don't know.

The award itself.

Maggie was simply chuffed to recieve such an award at two years of age. Those stickers lasted two minutes on the page before she peeled them off to stick all over her hand.

And because Bel was still revelling in her 'post authoritarian' state she willingly let me take her photo. These two below were processed to have an 'urban' look.

I love to engage her in conversation while shooting to capture her thinking expressions. Below pics are straight out of camera, shot in manual (yaaaee!) at f2.0 for shallow depth of field -means focus intentionally falls away from her her features =]

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