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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mt. Cootha playdate

I took the camera along to a catch up with these two beauties during the school holidays (yes, that long ago and I'm only blogging them now!) Louisa is Bel's bestie from school since they began Prep together a few years ago. They share a love of animals and Louisa gives bel a good run for her money in the imagination department and believe me that's no easy task! She's a fantastic little girl, ever since I met her all that time ago I always thought she has the cutest little pixie face! And then there's her little brother Andy who is just so darn cute aswell and such an interesting little soul. Such a mixture of typical car mad little boy, curious & cautious, soft & gentle but likes to exert his authority too. It took him a while to decide that it was okay for me to point the camera at him but really warmed to me after we had some 'toilet humour' under our belts! Then right at the end of our afternoon I took a shot of their mum, it's easy to see where they get their pretty eyes & lashes from!

Andy's prized posessions ( seriously, he LOVES his cars)

Pretty flower we came across that I couldn't resist snapping

Mum Tracey- who helps me to keep it real =)


  1. Loving those series of the first 4......and the first one with that sun streaming though the trees....ahhhhhh
    Where are you getting all these people with amazing eyes???? Just Beautiful

  2. Yes, amazing eyes! Gorgeous pics of the sweet Louisa and handsome little Andy. Tracey, this photo captured your bubbly personality. Well done yet again Toni. You are a genius....x