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Friday, July 23, 2010

Vintage fair kick off

It all started off bright and early with the drive into Byron. We had live music in the back provided by the girls singing some tunes and after annoying the driver with the camera I turned to the side mirror for some action.

Everyone was in good spirits because we were on our way to here!

We stopped here for a hearty pancake breakfast, well not exactly here, we went upstairs to the balcony. We did drool over these delicasies in the window though!

The three musketeers- who I must say were so well behaved the entire weekend

Pretty table ornaments- it was about now that we saw there were no pancakes on the menu(what the???) so we left to find some elsewhere. I'm sure they were happy to see us go, we were quite boisterous!

And yes we are inside the fair! Pandoras box of vintage. So much to take in, we did not want to miss anything. We browsed through all kinds of things. And what do you know, I found my namesake in hair care! The man thought I was crazy to take a photo so I had to sheepishly explain 'same name'.

I bought this handheld mirror, I guess I thought it would come in handy for a prop one day?

This is some packaging a lady put my goods in, it reminds me of the love comics my mum used to get from the book exchange!

After we had exhausted ourselves there it was time to share some fish and chips near the beach, unfortunately some aggresive seagulls thought they we were sharing too and we spent our time trying to eat and fend them off. Later that afternoon we went scouting for a location to take some photos of the girls and we found a great little spot with an abundance of sunflare to shoot in. But you'll have to wait to see those because I haven't got to them yet! Some pretty pics to come soon of my gorgeous friend Kristy and the girls xox


  1. Yay you blogged :) can't wait to see the rest of that fabulous weekend x

  2. Now that looks like some serious fun :) I also adored the other photos of your little one in the previous post, totally adorable, Catherine x

  3. Oh, looks like a fab weekend was had by all. Gorgeous pics, love the side mirror shot! Gorgeous girls and a very clever photographer x