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Monday, March 15, 2010


On Saturday we were out at our regular haunt, the Powerhouse Markets. I stopped by to see Jo, talented designer of these gorgeous Embrace creations and surprised her with a few quick snaps of her wares. I got to know Jo while she was making a set of bracelets for me (the pretty silver and turquoise ones shown here in dish) and each time I see her things there is always something that goes on my wish list. So if you're ever at the market, have a look and say hi to Jo (she's very friendly).


  1. These photos are trippy - good heading!!!!!
    I like the effect you have used on the first photo

  2. You see that is exactly why they are trippy,I didn't use any effects to get these to look this way.I just opened the aperture up wide to 1.8 and that caused the blurred the effect.I only increased contrast and used a little sharpening to the eyes.x