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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The New Caledonians

Selina and Thierry. These are two of my favourite people. Ever.
He is French - Caledonian and she is an Aussie.
He is the yin to her raging yang.
He thrives on flitting from moment to moment, she thrives on being in the moment.
I love that Thierry can give it back to Selina - it's always fun to witness this in action, payback from childhood I guess =)
How beautiful are their children gonna be?
Little brown eyed french speaking bambinos. Yep...I'm waiting.


  1. they're wonderful pictures toni, every day I wait in anticipation for the next blog, yes I'm finally addicted, well done :) miss yas xo
    ohh....will you stop with the kid talk, yes you will eventually get your little brown eyed island bambinos to take care of...eventually. But I'm waiting until we move back to Australia so that I'll have a full time baby sister (you that is ;) pay back toni,.....eventually xoxoxox

  2. Ahhh,you're addicted huh? then my work is done!
    Miss you too.xox