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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mini shoot

Isabella was in a great mood before leaving for her school disco on Friday night so I took advantage and sweet talked her into posing for me. Hmmm, can't decide if I like the above black and white or colour best so I've ran with posting both. Would love your opinions on which you prefer???

It's amazing what expressions you can get once you throw some 'poo' jokes around!

Of course Maggie cops on to what is happening outside and joins in too.


  1. HI ya, loving the colored ones of bella....and then she gave you that!!!!!!!! O my gosh how beautiful is that shot of her! Stunning xo
    Magggie no disco's for you yet baby, but you are still super cute love you guys xo

  2. Hi Toni
    You know how much I love black & white photos, but I think I like the colour ones of Bell better. The photo of her lying her head on her arm is gorgeous. One of my all time favourite shots of her.
    Maggie doesn't seem to mind having her photo taken - she looks so cute !!