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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First day of fit

Today I got my butt moving. I mean really in sweating and heart rate pumping so high I thought I was gonna die. The most physical activity (besides the bedroom kind) that I've done in years! My fitness level is so bad that even during the warm up I was thinking "I'm tired, my legs are hurtin". But it felt really really good afterwards to know I got through it. This all took place at Pure Health Club, I love that they focus on the mind/ body/ spirit connection there. I was so relieved that Maggie was happy to go into the creche room, I get to work out while she gets social interaction, everybody wins! I'm going to be one sore girl tomorrow.

Of course this picture has nothing at all to do with anything I've been writing about but a post is always better with a photo right? Taken this afternoon while I was practising shooting in manual. Isabella agreed to be my guinea pig on two conditions (there are always conditions with her).#1 She's allowed to wear her new beanie for it (duh, as if I would say no to that! I mean how cute is it?) and #2 I have to help her to do this 'what's your style' quiz in a magazine- turns out she's 'sassy' but she was really going for 'artsy'...oh well.

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