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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The other part of 'a little walk down the street'- the bad mother part

Me: "Oh look, there's some baby tomatoes growing on that plant."

Maggie needed no encouragement, she was all over it.

Errr... you say these are tomatoes? Well if you're sure then.

I'll just have a little taste

But no, it doesn't reach her mouth because another one that could be better has caught her eye.

Then it became a pick fest

And at this moment when she actually sunk her teeth into one, I saw her face and realised that what I had thought to be tomatoes were actually chillies!. What kind of a mother doesn't know a tomato from a chilli?

I did in fact put down the camera and go to her aid, just in case it doesn't look that way ;)
I just know that I'm going to cop a huge scolding from her protective Auntie Selina over this :)

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