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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wide open spaces

Have I mentioned that I'm in love with this place? We had such a wonderful time here, the green hills seemed to roll forever into the distance (Isabella's Papa keeps it like the Taj Mahal) and the ever changing colourful sky had us yearning for our own wide open space. What got to me the most was the intense colour of the sky and the magnificent sunset strewn across it.It was amazing to see how it changed in colour and to watch the sun finally disappear below far away mountains. Is it old age that turns an urban girl into a country girl? Now if you'll just excuse me, I'm off to look for some cowgirl boots on ebay...seriously :]

"howdy horsies"

the stare off

the yunginz checking out the yunginz

sharing a special moment with the foal her Papa let her name 'Beauty'

love those lashes

mumma horse and her baby who so kindly let us share their paddock.

going for a bit of an 'old west' kinda look here

one of my faves. I love Bel's small hand holding Uncle Peter's big hand and how she is so comfortable with him. And oh, the splendour of the sun!

Just before we said our goodbye's and were about to leave, I turned around to see this sky.


  1. Oh toni.... Looks like you guys had a magical time! So, going to convert to a country girl hey? Love it bring it on then we can be close, imagine the images you could take out this way all the time? We can hang out in our cowgirl boots together, well i'll have to get some first! I'm loving all of these you captured on the day, feel as though i was there with you all. xoxoxo

  2. Nice pics Toni! My rss feeds are a bit out of whack I think... this one I got most recently..? Anyway, I've finally got my account sorted so I'm free to comment! Love your work, and I'm intrigued by Bella's dress, it's interesting, it looks vintage-style!? x