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Friday, April 9, 2010

On the hunt

I cannot believe I'm saying this but I am so sick of chocolate!
For today anyway...let's not be too hasty, I may (and most likely will) feel differently about it tomorrow. Ever wondered why the shops display their easter goodies months before easter? Because of suckers like me who have absolutely zero willpower and who fall victim to the charms of these foil wrapped delicasies. Cadbury's mini solid eggs have been a permanent fixture in our fridge for months already, no wonder I'm sick of chocolate! Selina has requested pics to be blogged of the girls doing their egg hunt, taken with an "I don't care about beautiful background blur" attitude (must be intoxicated from chocolate because I always care about beautiful background blur). Here are some pictures for your entertainment.

And they're off

Evident concern over where to look first

Sharp intake of breath at sight of an egg

There are times when there is reaching for the same egg

The passing of eggs into anothers basket when ones own is overfloweth

Happiness only an easter egg hunt can bring

Foil wrapping must be torn off immediately upon finding the big ones

It's not so easy without your front teeth

I'm going to stop at halfway mum... really I am


  1. Thank you thank you !!! Much appreciated when you're stuck in Honiara in 35 degree heat and 100% humidity, and I can't find chocolate anywhere!!! I'm glad to see the girls are sharing their chocolate, unlike my big sister who used to sneak into my room before I woke up at easter and swap the eggs she didn't want in her basket and steal the good ones from mine...sound familiar?? anyone??? xoxox