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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another one

Yeah I know, another one - but to soften the groan that is probably making it's way out I'm going to tell about my day today. I met with my BFF Cindy (can we say that when we're, ahhh, in our thirties?)and her boy at Kangaroo Point for our weekly walk into Southbank. Now, I must say the purpose of this is to walk fast to burn some fat and to catch up on each others lives at the same time and it's damn hard to talk and puff at the same time too. But today we practically strolled, like we had an unspoken agreement because neither of us hurried the other along. So we finally get there and Cin says 'lets get a fresh juice' and gets to the counter and starts looking around for a coffee! I said 'no coffee we are being healthy' and we order our juices. Then we notice there is a sweets shop smack bang right beside the juice bar! Her gaze meets mine and we both say "ooohh, I'd love a chocolate' and off we go in there. Aren't friends supposed to talk you out of these things? Happy as pigs in mud we made our way to the beach with our goodies and watched our kids frolick in the water. We are such try hards, I guess it's just not in us!


  1. Listen you! and listen well!!! You have to stop putting these songs on your blog!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is it hard enough to look at pictures of the girls because I miss them sooooo much, they now have theme music!! Just the right soft, dramatic, longful songs that make me not only wish that I were there, but make me cry too!!

    The slepping jackson 'good dancers' just played on your blog as I was looking at the latest photo posted of Bel and Maggie, and I burst into tears. This sleepy jackson song was the song that was playing in your car when you took me to the airport to go back to Korea in 2002 when Isabella was just little!!! This song is THE song that symbolysis how much i miss being away from you guys! Thanks a lot! And now I'm writing this while in Suva, Fiji after travelling all over the Pacific, so I'm quite low on the emotional side. Anyway, I've stopped crying now....recovered and I'm ok. Apologies to those of you out there reading this sister to sister saga....chirpier post to come.. :)

  2. Opps....I think it was 2004...anyway

  3. Oh leen.I can't stand to picture you all teary, sorry to do that to you xoxoxox
    Maybe I should remove good dancers? But you got the year wrong so I won't ;)We miss you sooo much too. Luv ya