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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

for Kristy


  1. OOOOOOOH Love !!!!!!! Toni can you buy me a pair too????????
    Bella you are so lucky xoxo The sweetest pose ever, loving those legs, oh and the skirt......ooh and the processing...ohh and the light coming in on the left... ooh i love it all!! A shoot well done!
    Love your work girls.

    P.S. you should work together more often, LOL

  2. Thanks hon, how great would it be if they came in our size? The light coming in on the left is thanks to our dear flora bella sun flare action, pretty cool huh.x

  3. Hey, love these.....but, is that the easement beside our place? I recognize the fence and trees in front of our neighbours? Love the boots and skirt Bella x