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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

little pink dress

Ok, Ok I agree that my blog should just be called 'Isabella & Maggie' because there has not been a whole lot of 'life & in between' going on here. But as you know I've been digging through the million pictures I have on my computer in an attempt to fill frames. I'm afraid I can't promise this will be the end of this random picture posting from the past until those frames are filled- so bear with me. This pic was taken last May, I'd brought my camera only several days before (and had not learnt the importance of clearing ugly background clutter). Maggie was around 14 months old. You know as they outgrow clothes you usually hand them off to someone but you keep those special ones that you can't part with? Well this dress is it for me. I brought it through Etsy and the lady posted it to me from the US (people, if you haven't discovered Etsy then get on because it's awesome).I will keep it forever. Hmmm, well I'd only consider passing it on to Selina if she has a daughter (this goes to show how much I want her to start having babies!).


  1. Love these stories you post with the pics! I hope it takes you a while longer to fill those photo frames :)

  2. SUCH adorable photos, I can understand why you love that dress, maybe you could also frame that! it's just too cute. x