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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A few hours 'out of the box'

Today I bundled the girls up and took them to the 'Out of the Box' festivities at the Lyric Theatre. I hadn't been before, my mind boggled at how many activities and stage shows there were to keep us entertained. We strolled around, painted and laughed a lot at quirky stage performers. We signed up for the cooking workshop - Isabella was picked to be the chef's assistant for demonstrating, she was beaming over this! They learnt about herbs & fresh ingredients and did fun activities while they waited for their muffins to cook. Check out the little people made out of corn ears! I have a fascination with things made of corn ears since Austin Reed made a stunning evening gown out of them in season 1 Project Runway- I shouldn't get started-I still can not believe he didn't win that series! So anyway, here's a little insight to our day there.

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