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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bella & the bunnies

If you're reading this (I'm so very grateful that you are by the way) you will know that I'm in a blogging frenzy, posting pics from our Byron weekend away. So much to say about the great girls who spent it with me and so many beautiful ones to sort through of them,I just want to get them all on here for you to see like NOW! I'll just have to keep plugging away and post as I finish some. These ones here make me smile and take me straight back to that afternoon of fun and friendship. Makes my heart sing to remember. These were taken at the end when the sun was setting and we were drenched in this glorious golden light. The girls were in great moods, amazing really after having had a camera pointed at them for the past couple of hours. I love these girls and I love them together.

This last shot of Bel is special to me. I think it captures her essence ... her uninhibited free spirit.

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  1. hi toni i love the photos of the vintage fair