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Friday, August 13, 2010

she dreams of pretty things and kombies

So, for the past week I have been revelling in processing  photos of  such  a  gorgeous subject. She is my dear friend Kristy. Truly,  she's such a natural beauty that I just had to post so many of her. And they are all my favourite! Don't hate her 'cos she's beautiful. She is every bit as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and is by far one of the sweetest, supportive and down right genuine people I know. We share a passion for  taking photos  and we had the best time shooting together over the  weekend these were taken. She encourages me and inspires me with her photography and her spirit and is the best damn blog commentor  I could ask for! So happy to be on this journey with you Kris  xox

* us  testing out the new chalkboard prop, snapped by her 7 year old, pretty good huh!


  1. Oh my friend.... you did such a great job with what you had to work with! lol
    No truly Thank you for capturing these for me, i think it has been about nine years since i have been in front of the camera having to try and pose! (My Wedding Day) It was fun thank you i will remember our Photographers Retreat weekend forever.xoxoxo It's all in the processing

  2. The one where i look like i'm smelling my arm pit makes me laugh everytime

  3. Toni! Beautiful, beautiful beautiful! Nice work and yest, beautiful subject helps! I can't pick a favourite either, they're all great, well done x x

  4. I love the one with her camera its completely Kris actually all are lovely !!!