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Friday, August 6, 2010

Miss I & Miss K in Byron Bay

Here they are, the last from that Byron afternoon! Please excuse the random colouring of photo's. Trying a few things out coupled with working on them a bit here and there over the course of a week gets you that =) . If you recognise the photogenic-ness of the little lady photographed here it's because she's big sis to the other photogenic little lady Miss E from past posts. They are the daughters of my lovely friend (and co-shooter of that afternoon :p) Kristy. Kristy had packed along some 'sweet' props in the way of lollipops and toffee apples for the girls, Isabella had been salivating over one of those toffee apples all day knowing she had to wait for later to get at it. Kristy took her girls away to find a spot as I did with Bel, snapped a few okayish ones of her before the toffee apple entered the scene! Big mistake to let her have it so early because once that baby was in her hands it was all over red rover for two reasons. One - her face became quickly covered in red stickiness and two- she was completely obsessed with it and only it. Which means she was no longer interested in any photo and left me thinking anyone would think she'd never eaten one of these before -have I deprived the poor child of toffee apples in her life? All was not lost though, I then joined in with Kris and her two bunnies. It was lots of fun and was interesting to shoot alongside someone whose work you admire, she took these ones of me here in my vintage buy floppy hat. You can see her gorgeous work here and you'll also see proof of Isabella's love for her toffee apple that day! You'll get to meet Kristy soon, there's work in process of this pretty lady. xox

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  1. OMG these are so pretty, loving the first one of Lahni and those eyes!!!!! and the one of Bella and her fab lashes!!!! Beautiful work once again....not sure if i'm a hurry to see the ones that are in the works at the moment though???? You'll need to spend plenty of time on those ones...take your time... lol