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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A good witch

Today was 'come dressed as your favourite book character' day at Isabella's school. The night before saw us sorting  through her book collection  to choose a character. In her imagination she had pictured some grand costume looking exactly like one of the gazillion  Rainbow Fairies that there are but  in reality there was not a lot of options. This caused a major meltdown, oh the tears over not knowing what to be! She finally settled on going as the witch, as you can see from the  sticky taped cat to the mop handle fancy dress props are not my forte but she was happy enough  working that outfit at the parade!


  1. That's a great costume! I love the cat there, and the touch of fairy that snuck in (the wand)... love it xx

  2. Your so clever! It must have been all the rage to be a witch hey? Love that last little pose she is doing for you xo

  3. Well I think she looks like a fabulous model in that outfit and the cat is too cute :) I'm having a giveaway over at my Blog if you want to hop over! Catherine x