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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a Maggie post

Maggie's favourite thing to do is go for a walk down our street. Anytime. Heck, we even went out this evening  when it was virtually dark! Her and I were all rugged up our PJ's and dressing gown (I have no shame and was dark!) doing the walk thing. She loves it so much. It all started way back when her daddy took her often as a baby as it was the only thing gaurenteed to settle her and it  has stuck. It's never boring, she searches high and low for the neighbourhood cats to pat, kiss and cuddle (luckily for her they are mostly obliging). Thank you Katie (who lives across from us)  for being okay with Maggie letting herself into your yard whenever she feels like it to stalk, oops I mean love your cats! She also likes to check everyone's  letterboxes and collects any newspapers/junkmail that are lying on the ground and hordes them back into our yard. No flower is left untouched along the way, she is compelled to pick every one she sees  from it's bush, except at number 28 where I've been protecting their lone gerbera from her picky little hands!
We  go to see 'Bella' - a Golden Retriever and then down a bit further to see the 'Mean Dog' - a Pigdog whose name we don't know  so this is what we call it (sorry doggie, you are probably very nice but I'm not gonna risk finding out). I take my camera along every now and again and these are some I shot over the weekend. xox


  1. In love with number "5"!
    Maggie Brown you are the sweetest little thing....

  2. Oh she is soooo cute!!!! When I come in October she'll be so sick of me cuddling her and saying 'You're so cute you little thing!' (In true Gary style. I'm in the Cook Islands at the moment and I've already got a bag of goodies for the girls. Give the girls big kisses for me.

  3. So you are checking in to the blog! We can't wait for you to come,it's been so long this time. Mag is growing so fast you are going to love her even more, she's cheekier & funnier than ever! Bring on October!